Plus-Size Women Accessorizing Style Tips

Navigating the finishing touches as a plus-size woman could either be a walk in the park for the experienced or a very difficult thing for the learners. The only thing you need to understand as a fashion-conscious plus-size woman is that the right details can make an outfit and give it the boost it requires. The right detail could be anything as simple as a Citrine Bracelet to a pair of gemstone earrings or a lovely looking gemstone anklet. More useful accessorizing tips for the plus-size women are as follows:

Carnelian Bracelets

Be Judicious

Consider wearing statement gemstone jewelry because it will always look great instead of tiny pieces of metal jewelry which tend to get lost. A good example could be a Lapis Lazuli Bracelet or any long gemstone necklace which always works effectively when it comes to drawing the eye up and down. Keep in mind that there is a great difference when it comes to carrying off accessorizing pieces with substance and carrying them all off at once. Always be judicious when choosing jewelry accessories to wear. You definitely don’t want to risk looking like a Christmas tree.

You can always choose a high-impact outfit as the center of attention then add the little jewelry details that should never at any point shout, “Look at me”. Instead, they should say, “Look how the dress looks great with me”.  The same applies if you are wearing a statement necklace, for example, there shouldn’t be any other jewelry piece stealing the show from the statement necklace.

Consider Areas Of Your Body

 You might also want to consider areas of your body that you will want to downplay or highlight. If you have a wider waist, for example, you might want to take a pass on a sash of beads around your waist and instead opt for a lovely looking Garnet Bracelet or a stack of three on your arm.

The Trick With Trends

When a trend hits the streets, if it floats your boat then embrace it, and if it doesn’t just continue with the fashion basics and you will be safe.  The trick with trends is adapting to them in a way that works perfectly for your look. If it is wearing a stack of gemstone bracelets at the upper arm, then consider going for wider bracelets that will fit perfectly to avoid making your arms look even bigger. Don’t always dismiss trends by saying, “Oh I can’t wear that!” That is a mistake that many women make. They will never know how they would look because they didn’t even try. Often times women have dismissed fashion styles that would have otherwise been their best friend. Remember, even that style that you currently rock and call your own, at some point, it was a trend.

Dressing In Monochrome

Monochrome is usually effective when it comes to creating this one long, lean and seemingly unending line. However, some women totally get it wrong because they simply throw on random pieces of the same shade and end up looking sloppy. To pull off monochrome dressing perfectly, consider playing around with various fabrications. Wear an outfit with texture, red chiffon for example, then accessorize it with a Carnelian Bracelet and a closer color shade for the shoes.  Your skin tone or hair color could be different to create some contrast, but that will not change the monochrome theme. Monochrome can work wonders only if you know how to use it and not abuse it.

You can be plus-size and stylish!  Forget the myth about skinny women being the only runway people by following a few key things as stated above.

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