Is It Possible To Achieve A Show-Stopping Look With Gemstone Necklaces?

Do you love the look of gemstone statement necklaces but are not sure if you can pull them off and achieve that show-stopping, head-turning look?  That look could be runway-worthy or high fashion magazine-worthy and it is absolutely possible with the following tips outlined below to inspire you.

  1. Consider Wearing V-Necklines

Gemstone necklaces are able to transform your outfits from the drab to the unmistakable fab. Your outfit could even be a basic tee with a V-neck that only needs that Lapis Lazuli necklace to add more dimension and bring life to that empty space at the area on your chest. Your simple tee and jeans should not deter you from wearing your favorite gemstone necklace.  Your V-neckline could also come from that lovely summer dress that always makes you look feminine or the top that you love wearing with your maxi skirt. Just make sure you fill that empty V-neck space on your chest that may seem bland with the ideal gemstone necklace and instantly transform yourself into the fab fashionista that you are.

  1. Professional Shouldn’t Be Boring

Okay, maybe you love buttoning all the way up and looking sharp and polished. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little spice and still maintain your professional look.  Consider a citrine necklace with your white button-up blouse to provide that pop of color around your neck and chest area. Throwing in a statement gemstone necklace in your professional look is definitely the best way to pull off that sophisticated chic look!

Citrine Bracelets

  1. Make A Bigger Statement With Layering

More is actually merrier and there is no rule out there that says you can’t wear more than one gemstone necklace.  Consider layering a couple of necklaces together to make that unique look with your outfit. Fiddle around with a few and see which ones achieve the best effect.  Pair semi-precious and precious gemstones if you can to provide some balance and draw more attention. It could be that rainbow moonstone necklace, paired up with a choker necklace of precious stone origins.  In the end, just make sure you have gone all out and layered the hell out of that outfit with more than one gemstone necklace.

  1. Match Your Color Palette

Great color coordination of your outfit and accessories is enough to take your outfit to the next level. You can decide to wear one color all the way or keep it to a maximum of two colors for the whole look. Choose your gemstone statement necklace that matches your color palette. Wear your garnet necklace with outfits of the same color or a different shade of the same color for that well-coordinated color scheme.

Garnet Bracelets

  1. Flaunt Your Stripes

Stripes will always draw attention wherever you go and they are great for making your gemstone statement necklace pop and achieve that timeless classic look. Take another look at the outfits in your wardrobe with colored stripes and consider adding a gemstone statement that will pop out from the color of the stripes. A zebra-striped turtleneck, for example, could look amazing with any colored gemstone necklace because it will no doubt stand out from all that black and white. Therefore, add more depth to your stripes outfit by adding a gemstone statement necklace.

There are other ways that you can achieve that head-turning look, but the recommendations provided here should get you started and stimulate even mo

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