Reasons Why You Should Wear Gemstone Bracelets This Winter

During this winter season, statement pieces are still rocking and boring jewelry is never in any fashionista’s mind. Gemstone jewelry is a great winter accessory and if you are in doubt why not try statement gemstone earrings with no necklace or wear gemstone bracelets? Gemstone bracelets can be worn all year round and not only during summer as widely thought. But why should you wear bracelets during winter?

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Outlined below are some reasons which you should consider.

  1. They Rocked Since the 1930s

Gemstone bracelets have been popular since the 1930s because of Hollywood influence. The stars on screen could be seen wearing them along with the silver and diamonds even during winter. Such popularity then set the trend where women wore gemstone bracelets with their mink coats which they took off mainly to show off the sparkle of the jewelry on their wrists. If the women back then thought bracelets should be worn all year round including during winter, you should too because there was nothing old-fashioned about the fashionistas back then. They really took their fashion seriously back then.

  1. Extra Glam And Style To Winter Attire

Coats and warm sweaters during winter are the norm and adding a bracelet to them will make you more stylish and not project the usual winter look. A lovely carnelian bracelet is enough to add that extra glam and style to the winter attire. Remember to choose a gemstone bracelet color that will really complement the color of your warm sweater or winter coat and if you are wearing mink coats like the famous stars, a flash of gemstone on your wrist wouldn’t be bad!

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3.      Cut back the dullness of winter

Most people wear dark or dull colors during winter because they assume they are the appropriate colors for winter. It is okay if you decide to wear toned down colors as your winter outfits, but you don’t have to do the same with your jewelry. A lovely lapis lazuli bracelet, for example, could bring some vibrancy to the dullness of winter colors. As you pick your outfit every single day during this winter, pick a different gemstone bracelet every day. Today you could wear a garnet bracelet; tomorrow you could wear that handmade gemstone bracelet that your heart desires.

  1. Brave The Cold In Style

Since it is too cold and you are all layered up, complete with gloves to battle the cold, who says you can’t wear a gemstone bracelet over your sweater or over your gloves? Look for colorful pieces that will not get lost against your warm outer garments. Those dull winter days will look promising as you step out in style spotting your beautiful gemstone bracelet.

There is something about color that will always remind you of the warm weather. As you wear your colorful gemstone bracelet this winter, every time you look down at it, the color will no doubt remind you of warmer days. Wear one every day this winter as a way of looking forward to summer which might seem so far away now but will soon be here.  Since it is the holiday season make the most of it and look your best with other gemstone jewelry pieces as well.

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