Revive Your Jewelry Wardrobe with Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Feminine fashion and beauty statements have for a long time ruled the lives of women since the days of ancient civilizationswhere fashion leaned more towards ornamental pieces. The kind of jewelry that you step out wearing will determine whether you are at the top or bottom of the fashion pyramid. With jewelry being a main accessory, choose it carefully. Gemstone Jewelry is usually very impressionable and some semi-precious types such as the garnet can make you really stand out when worn the right way.

Gemstone Jewelry

A Darling of the Ancients

 The garnet stone’s popularity isn’t just recent; the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans considered it special. The Anglo-Saxons, for example, loved adorning their crosses and jewelry with the garnet.  Various cultural and religious traditions worldwide have viewed the stone as special due to its deep spiritual and cultural meaning. The kings, queens and other ancient nobility revered garnet gemstone jewelry and this is why the artists back then captured even the radiance of the garnet when creating portraits of aristocrats. It has been January’s birthstone since the 15th century and its sheer beauty makes it lovely when worn as jewelry. The garnet gemstone was a darling of the ancients and a darling of today’s women.

From “That Outfit” To “That Look”

 Today many women use garnet gemstone jewelry to add uniqueness to their accessorizing style. A Garnet Necklace or a pair of garnet earrings is enough to add style to an otherwise dull or plain outfit.  The outfit ceases to be simply “that outfit” but instantly transforms to “that look” for the wearer. This only happens when you wear it with a complimentary outfit.

Garnet Necklace

The Rich Colors

The beauty of the garnet gemstone is that it is available in many colors. You can find garnet in red, dark green, brown, gray, pink and even white. This variety of colors offers jewelry lovers options when it comes to accessorizing their outfitswhile considering various color combinations. Just make sure that you are purposeful when choosing your Garnet Earrings to ensure that the color which you have selected works its way into the look you intend to pull off.

Garnet Earring

 Symbol of Good Things

 The garnet is a symbol of love, fidelity, romance and commitment especially in long term relationships like marriage. It makes the best gift for 25th and 40th marriage anniversaries because of its mystical properties. Some women might not always look for the spiritual component in this stone, but its other physical qualities of beauty definitely make it a symbol of good things.


Always buy The Real Thing

 If you are going to revive your jewelry wardrobe with Garnet Gemstone Bracelet, then you better buy the real gemstone. Buy from a trusted source and do your research beforehand.  With this stone available in many colors, it might be easy for the shady dealers to take advantage of the unsuspecting buyers.

Garnet Bracelets

Just follow the simple rules of fashion when dressing up and accessorizing using garnet if you want to create that amazing look.  Whether you are wearing your jewelry with your evening gown or cocktail dress, just make sure you display that unique garnet jewelry look; and when they mistake you for a goddess, know that you got it right!

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