Romantic Gemstone Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Gemstone Jewelry is one sure way of being romantic.  That fabulous piece of gemstone jewelry you personally hand-picked for your sweetheart should never just be handed over. Remember you went put your precious time and heart into finding the right gemstone jewelry for her so 0why not make it more exciting when handing it over?

Love is a Gift

A Touch Of Fanfare

A little more ceremony and a little more song and dance should make the moment that you give her the gift that much more special.  This is the time to get romantic and really go all the way if you have to make an impression on your Valentine. Never ever settle for presenting your gift without a touch of fanfare. There are many simple romantic ideas that you can use to make her remember the day for many years to come when you give her that special gift such as a Rose Quartz Necklace with matching rose quartz earrings. Some suggestions to get you inspired into turning that day of presenting her with the gift into a special experience are as follows:-

  • The Unusual Delivery Person

Of course your sweetheart will be expecting a gift from you on Valentine’s Day and they will probably assume that you will present it to them yourself. A little confusion here that will lead to this happy surprise should be introduced. Look for someone who they will never expect in their wildest dreams to receive a gift from. It could be a child, a trained dog, a neighbor who pretends the mail and parcel guy dropped your mail by mistake or the local priest or any other well known public figure within your community. This improbable delivery person doesn’t have to say too much. They can just hand over the gift and say “this is for you”. Just imagine how surprised and delighted she will be when she sees that unexpected garnet jewelry.

  • Stumbled Upon It

You can let your girl stumble upon her gift instead of handing it to her. Simply put the gemstone jewelry gift where she is sure to find it. It could be in the cereal box, in the kitchen, on her seat, on her side of the bed, in her shoes, or wherever else you think she will stumble upon her jewelry gift including Multi-Agate Anklets and more. This will only work perfectly if this surprise location is somewhere where she goes to everyday according to her routine. Just make sure that the gift is not so hidden that she doesn’t find it!

  • The Fake Packaging

A little subterfuge will make your gemstone jewelry gift be that much more surprising and delightful.  The look on her face when she sees the packaging and assumes that you are giving her something she doesn’t like or something obvious is priceless when it transforms into this huge smilewhen she realizes that she is staring into the breath-taking beauty of moonstone jewelry set which is hers! Every time she wears that Moonstone Bracelet, she will remember the lovely surprise that came wrapped in a cereal box or diaper pack.

With a little creativity on your part, you can make the giving of your gift of semi-precious gemstone jewelry a celebration by itself. Remember, gemstone jewelry is a very personal, precious and romantic gift that is definitely worth going that extra mile for to create an unforgettable experience. Let her wear her Amethyst Dangle Earrings with a smile on her face when she remembers you gave it to her on Valentine’s Day.

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