Rose Quartz Jewelry – Send a Romantic Message Without Saying a Word

Rose quartz jewelry, with the reassuring pink tone and soothing hue that is naturally easy on the eyes and softens the heart, is ideal if you want to project that romantic look or message without uttering a single word. It is not surprising that for thousands of years this gemstone has been a symbol of love and beauty and was not only used for religious purposes but also for creating beautiful jewelry, statues and figurines.

Rose quartz carved face masks have also been found in Egyptian tombs.The ancient Egyptians believed that the stone contained healing properties that prevented wrinkles and cleared one’s complexion when worn as a mask.

Because of its rich history with romantic mysticism, this gemstone is also known as the “love stone” and often given as a token of loveor to attract love. It is also called the “mothering crystal” because it is believed that when worn during pregnancy, the bond between the mother and unborn baby becomes stronger.

A Silent Romantic Message

Wear rose quartz jewelry to look romantic, approachable and lovable.  Because it is the gemstone to wear if you want to attract love, send a message while adorned with your rose quartz jewelry to any romantic out there looking for love.  You can also convey your romantic sentiment to your partner when wearing Rose Quartz Bracelet to let them know that you are in a romantic mood.  If your facial features are often strained with “worry” lines, or your eyes are too piercing and intense to look anything but romantic, you can change that.

Rose Quartz Bracelets

The solution is simply wearing Rose Quartz Earrings or necklace to help soften your facial features. The rosy tone of the rose quartz gemstone will highlight lovely blush skin tones to achieve that softer look. If you are light-skinned, you can sparingly apply blusher on your cheeks to further boost the rosy tone of the jewelry. This way, your romantic message will definitely hit home.

Rose Quartz Earrings

Rose Quartz To Work

Look romantic even when dressing up for work with rose quartz jewelry. As much as the rose quartz color comes off as a little passive and not that powerful, it makes a great substitute for the dark office colors you love wearing to work. As you wear your Rose Quartz Necklace or earrings, consider getting rose quartz-colored shoes, skirt or pants. This will accentuate the softer and feminine look and tone down that conservative corporate look.  If you want to add a dash of romance to your office look, you can either go all the way by getting pink colored clothing and combining it with your rose quartz jewelry or you can just remain subtle by wearing only the Rose Quartz Anklet.  This usually depends on how strong you want your silent romantic message to be.

Rose Quartz Necklaces

It is evident that the easiest way to add this romantic tone into your wardrobe is by wearing it as jewelry. This is very convenient especially if you are anti-pink and prefer darker tones for your outfits. This soft-colored jewelry blends perfectly with darker outfits and will no doubt make you look stunning. From all the above tips, it is clear that sending a romantic message without saying a single word is achieved with rose quartz jewelry.

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