Semi-Precious Gemstone Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

When you think Lapis Lazuli, a rich blue color comes into mind. This beautiful semi-precious stone represents honor, royalty, spiritualism and vision in many cultures around the world.   It makes lovely looking jewelry for women and can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, anklet or earrings. It is believed that lapis lazuli gemstones have the power to boost confidence and suppress the wearer’s fear of failure.  It is also believed that this gemstone generates calmness and provides good judgment to the wearer when they are in tight situations.

Caring For Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

 Lapis Lazuli jewelry has to be properly taken care of for it to look lovely all the time. The wearer of a lapis lazuli necklace, for example, has to know how to protect it when wearing it, store it properly and clean and polish it the right way.

Lapis Lazuli Necklaces

Protection While Wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

For your lapis lazuli jewelry to keep making you look beautiful for a long time, don’t wear it 24hours, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if you believe those lapis lazuli earrings will increase your intellectual ability or if you just love how they look on you; take them off when you go to bed or when you shower so that you can protect them from corrosion caused by water or sweat. When you expose your lapis lazuli pieces to water, you will damage the natural protective coating that they contain and this results in chips or cracks. So after paring your earrings with a matching outfit and wowing all who look upon your magnificence, take them off at the end of the day before you step into that shower or before you hit the pillow!

Lapis Lazuli Dangle Earrings

Lapis Lazuli and Harsh chemicals

Lapis lazuli and harsh chemicals don’t mix, so when washing your hands or doing dishes or other household chores that require detergent and water, take off your lapis lazuli bracelet. You can put it in your pocket before handling the harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals and water will ruin your beautiful lapis lazuli bracelet. In the event that you lapis lazuli jewelry comes into contact with chemicals or water, clean and dry it as soon as possible. Letting the chemicals stay on will cause more damage and the jewelry will after some time stop looking like that semi-precious gem that you always proudly wear to public functions.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

Correctly Storing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Properly storing your lapis lazuli jewelry will make all the difference. Protect it from moisture and potential damage by simply wrapping the beautiful pieces using a soft cloth and placing them in your jewelry box. The stones are usually vulnerable to any extreme temperature changes. Any location that exposes the jewelry to direct contact with sunlight should not be considered as a storage location. Your car, for example, is not an ideal location for storing your beautiful lapis lazuli anklet or necklace because it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Lapis Lazuli Anklets

 Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of lapis lazuli jewelry involves cleaning and polishing it the right way. A soft dry cloth is ideal for cleaning and polishing your lapis lazuli jewelry. When removing any visible dirt, apply gentle pressure to ensure that smooth shine. Never soak or wash them with water or harsh chemicals!

Being one of the rarest semi-precious gemstones, having lapis lazuli pieces in your jewelry collection for a long time is totally worth it. Therefore, keep your lapis lazuli necklace, anklet, bracelet and earrings safe and you will clean and polish them infrequently because they will always look shiny and beautiful in that deep blue color.

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