Why You Shouldn’t Buy “Cheap” Jewelry

When you see a lovely piece of gemstone jewelry, your heart flutters and leaps and you become so sure that you want it. Then you get closer and read the price tag and your shoulders droop, your heart sinks and you think, I can’t afford it!

Citrine Bracelet

During these difficult economic times, everyone wants to own things for practically nothing. They will go to great lengths to “save” even if it means getting low quality. The penny-pinching syndrome has gotten everyone and no shopper in this world is immune to it except for the ones born into good money who wouldn’t mind spending several thousands of dollars on a lovely piece of precious stone jewelry.

So you snagged a cute pair of earrings and a matching bracelet for $15 and you consider it a big win. Well, as much as you are excited about your “affordable” jewelry, take time and think about what it is really costing you. Cheap jewelry can actually be very costly and here is why.

Chemical Content  Exposure

Jewelry samples have been known to contain unsafe chemical content which can have negative effects on the body when worn. This just goes to show how cheap jewelry isn’t cheap after all. After you see the effects it has on your body, you will never flinch when you see an Amethyst Bracelet that goes for over $50. Instead, you will gladly buy it because you know you are getting value for your money with no risks of harmful chemical exposure.

Carcinogens In Cheap Jewelry

Studies have also shown that there are many pieces of jewelry that contain both probable and known carcinogens. This means that the cheap $10 or $15 dollar jewelry you are so excited about might contain cancer-causing chemicals or chemicals that simply pose a health risk.

You definitely don’t want to be wearing carcinogenic bracelets, earrings or necklaces because they will no doubt endanger your health. Some of the carcinogenic jewelry might even have neurotoxins like lead which might cause further health problems such as organ failure among others. Spend more on jewelry and avoid the cheap pieces which could slowly be poisoning you.

Not Durable

Most cheap jewelry has the tendency to fall apart after a few uses. The jewelry degrades, turns into a weird color and after around six uses; you can no longer wear it. So you haven’t really saved any money when you buy such jewelry. You will have to spend more on replacing it after wearing it for let’s say 2 months.

Therefore, you will not only expose yourself to toxins but also have to spend more on buying replacement jewelry. If you are wise, you will buy durable, reasonably-priced semi-precious jewelry if you can’t afford the high-end precious stone jewelry.  A pretty Peridot bracelet with matching earrings or a Labradorite bracelet with a matching necklace will look beautiful, last long and definitely not cause health problems.

Invest in quality jewelry

There are many benefits that come with buying great quality jewelry. It doesn’t have to cost you all your savings, because you can find good quality gemstone jewelry at a fair price. A lovely Multi-agate Bracelet, for example, cannot cost you more than $100 and it will serve you for years. Now go out there and begin shopping for decent gemstone fashion jewelry and you will be grateful that you read this article.

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