Skin Tone and Gemstone Jewelry: The Dynamic Duo

Since we are all unique,  the same piece of gemstone jewelry could look different on everyone. Some gemstones become more flattering on certain skin tones compared to others. To achieve that spectacular flattering effect with your own gemstone jewelry, learn what works perfectly for your skin type. After you know the best gemstone jewelry for your skin tone, you will always shop for it with a lot of confidence because you already know the outcome will be impressive.

Garnet Necklace

Define Your Skin Tone

Taking a moment to determine your skin tone is always wise before you go shopping. With such knowledge, you will pick that labradorite or citrine necklace knowing fully the effect it will have when you wear it.

Warm and Cool Skin Tones

One is said to have a warm skin tone if they tan easily and don’t burn when exposed to the sun. Such skins are most likely to have olive or yellow warm undertones.  Most women of color such as those from African American or Indian descent often fall under the warm skin tone category. However, there are a few with deep ebony skin tones with cool bluish undertones too. Warm skin tones look best in a citrine,  peridot or  garnet necklace along with yellow gold jewelry.

As for the cool skin tones, they don’t tan well and are prone to burning. Most cool skin tones contain pink or bluish-red undertones. However, there are some women who neither have cool or warm skin tones and that makes them bearers of the neutral skin tone which will blend perfectly with most jewelry colors, giving them more freedom in their choices compared to  others.

Cool skin tones work best with white gold jewelry and gemstones like amethyst, emeralds, turquoise, and tourmaline. It would be better if you avoided stone jewelry with yellow undertones if you are a bearer of the cool skin tone.  A Lapis Lazuli necklace and matching earrings would be a good example in this case.

As for the women with neutral skin tones, most jewelry will work beautifully on them especially those with olive and pink undertones. Most gemstone jewelry works fine with neutral skin tones and all the wearer needs to worry about are other factors like the outfit, hair length, and color. Anything from a carnelian gemstone necklace to the most precious of stones suits a neutral skin tone perfectly.

Gemstone Jewelry

  Skin Color Test

Not all of us are sure about our skin tones and, as we have  discussed, knowing your skin tone will enable you to become a more confident buyer of your gemstone jewelry. You can always confirm your skin tone by looking at those veins on the inside of your wrists. If the veins appear greenish in color then your skin contains warm undertones, but if your veins appear purplish or blue then your skin definitely has cool undertones.

A true lover of jewelry  loves to wear their jewelry the right way.  After considering the outfit style and occasion, skin tone is also part of the  equation in selecting the appropriate jewelry. Skin tone is the missing link, the “it”, in your jewelry ensemble. Women who understand the equation can achieve the right unique look and turn heads when the world gets to see them.

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