Stepping Up Your Gemstone Jewelry Accessories Game With Cool Style Tips

When it comes to jewelry, not all women will be Elizabeth Taylor and actually, most of them will be a little intimidated by the great-looking stuff because of its price and its sheer beauty. That is no reason for you to wear bad-looking jewelry that lacks style when you can get a Citrine Bracelet and matching necklace and earrings at an affordable price.

Gemstone Jewelry

This is the time where you need to step it up with the rest of your accessories game including shoes and handbags, but your jewelry should make the biggest leap. A push in the right direction, and a good look at all the shine and pretty-looking gemstone stuff will help you get more acquainted with good gemstone jewelry and choose only the very best to boost your accessories game.

  1. Layers Of Bracelets And Necklaces

There is no harm in layering your necklaces and bracelets especially if you are wearing gemstones.  Go for varying lengths and contrasting colors for the best effect. Create an arm party of gemstone bracelets that will flash and create a unique look for you. Simply gather a unique collection of gemstone bracelets and necklaces of varying lengths textures and designs and then try them on in different combinations in order to finally conclude what works perfectly for the fashion look you want to showcase.

  1. Know When It is Too Much

Often times, too much is usually too much indeed. If you have layers of gemstone necklaces adorning your neck, then you don’t need, an armful of gemstone bracelets to steal the show. Sometimes a bold color such as a Lapis Lazuli bracelet for example, and a single matching necklace could be enough.  If you are wearing a lot of jewelry, before you step out of your home, take Coco Chanel’s advice and “..look in the mirror and remove one accessory”

  1. Remember Your Earrings

Sometimes it can be too easy to forget your earrings especially if you have a pair of cool and comfortable looking ones on. Always remember to change up your earrings as a great way to add interest and style to your look every single day. Remember earrings get a direct view since they flank your face, all the more reason to keep changing them.  Besides, changing your earrings is a great opportunity to give the ones you wore an opportunity for a good clean.

  1. Compliment Your Clothing Always

There is no stepping up your game if your gemstone jewelry doesn’t compliment your outfit. Think about what you want to wear and where you are going. Will the Rose Quartz Bracelet and matching earrings in your collection cut it or would it be better if you featured a Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet and a matching necklace for that outfit?

As much as this might sound so matter-of-fact it doesn’t always happen well and many women end up with the wrong jewelry for an outfit. For that reason, spend more time getting the ideal outfit and gemstone jewelry combination for that stylish and well-put-together look.

Even though you are not Elizabeth Taylor, you can be you by stepping up your accessories game with the above cool styles tips.

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