Which Style Defines You As A Woman?

Beautiful jewelry is powerful thanks to its effect on outfits as accessories. We all wear our gemstone jewelry differently. There are women who prefer, lots and lots of jewelry at one go while others will use their jewelry accessories sparingly. Others will be keen on outfits, skin color, hair color, eye color before deciding to wear certain gemstone jewelry while others will hardly consider such factors. Either way, there are various common styles that are depicted when women wear their jewelry.  Some of these styles are as follows:

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


  1. Achingly Beautiful and Dainty

No this is one style common with women with a penchant for fine jewelry. Women like this are usually very confident and comfortable with how they look. They know the kind of jewelry they like and they will always pick a few pieces that they know will accentuate their natural features. All their everyday gemstone pieces will have this simple elegant design that they always favor and which they are well aware brings out their best look. You will find such a woman wearing just a simple Lapis Lazuli bracelet and matching earrings to complete their look or any other fine jewelry in their collection.

  1. Bold and Sexy

The woman with this look is always fascinating. She can, for example, step out wearing a Rainbow Moonstone bracelet, matching earrings, matching necklaces and even a matching brooch if she has to.  She makes a bold statement with her gemstone jewelry and always shows the world what she is made of every time she steps outside her door. This woman also believes that bigger is better and that fashion is fun. One look at her and you will notice a lot going on in her style. There is usually no doubt, once you are done looking at her that she really knows how to make her gemstone jewelry work for her.

  1. Meticulous and Intricate

The woman who bears this style when wearing jewelry often has an eye for design and is naturally an artistic person. For this woman, gemstone jewelry pieces are not just accessories for adding to a beautiful outfit, but they are actually meaning and each and every piece has to say something. This is also the kind of woman who will design her own jewelry and have it custom-made. She considers dressing up an art and as much as they incorporate strong design, they still have a lot of fun during creation.  She can actually transform a simple Rose Quartz bracelet into a beautiful work of art that can still be worn as jewelry.

Is your gemstone jewelry a personal statement? Does your style become evident once you don your favorite pieces? From the above style descriptions, you probably rank somewhere.  If you don’t, then it could be time to find a style even if you only own a single citrine bracelet for example. Think what you want an observer or fashion critic to see when they look at you. What they shouldn’t see is this tasteless woman who isn’t making any effort to stand out. Instead, they should see the lack of shame as you declare, that you are bold and sexy, beautiful and dainty or meticulous and intricate.

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