Style up Your Jewelry Wardrobe for Any Occasion with Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Jewelry

On a quiet clear night where the moon shines at its brightest, walk outside and look at the moon. You will notice a veil of thin clouds passing by the moon’s surface. That mystical spellbinding play of light is what makes the clouds look milky and at the sametime emanate this amazing bluish iridescence. That enchantment is the magic of the moon that can also be seen on the moonstone. Style Your Wardrobe for Any Occasion with Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry. This is why it is believed that wearing Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry is like owning a slice of the moon’s powers of protection, passion, prediction, beauty and so on.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone’s Dreamy Luster

The moonstone comes in subtle colors of white, blue, peach, gray and there is the flashy kind which is known as the rainbow moonstone for obvious reasons. When moved around in light, the rainbow moonstone reflects colors that look rainbow-like from its dreamy luster background.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace makes a perfect addition to one’s wardrobe, because it can be worn in both formal and casual occasions. It is also a great choice for anyone interested in the mystical aspects of the stone. Understanding most things about this stone such as its history, mystical properties and how to wear it in order to bring out the best look is important and very useful in making it work best for you.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces_

Rainbow Moonstone History

For thousands of years the moonstone has been highly valued in parts of the world such as India, China, Middle Age Europe and Ancient Rome. In Ancient Rome it was believed that the Rainbow Moonstone Earring, with the blessings of the Moon Goddess, bestowed love, wisdom and victory to the wearer. Monks, spiritualists and many other mystics have been known to use the rainbow moonstone as one of the gemstones to help them in their quest and inner journey after renouncing materialism. The gemstone helped these mystics to eliminate superficiality and strengthen their religious faith. Many people today still believe that the gemstone helps reunite lost loves and heal insomnia.

Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Think Style

This beautiful gemstone is unique and it is named after the moon for its amazing light and color reflection which makes it look like it possesses a certain aura. During the 60’s hippie era, the rainbow moonstone was embraced by wearers who wanted to pull off the otherworldly mystical look that was the rage then. From the 90’s to date, modern designers have sought the rainbow moonstone for spurring inspiration in creating unique fashion styles.

As you consider styling up your jewelry wardrobe for any occasion with Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet, think about the style you want to portray. Is it the casual fashionable everyday woman or the chic and elegant office woman or still the mystical modern princess? Allow yourself to be inspired by the many styling up options you have with your moonstone jewelry.

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

Buying Tips

Just as with purchasing fine jewelry, ensure that you buy not only what you love, but exactly what will look great on you. Many rainbow moonstone gemstone jewelry pieces are tried-and-true classically elegant pieces that women can wear again and again. They are lovely must-have jewelry pieces for styling up your jewelry collection. A trusted seller will also go a long way in ensuring that you get genuine rainbow moonstone jewelry.

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