Styling Your Ears; A Few Dos and Don’ts

The days where a simple pair of studs, hoops or drops were all it took to complete styling your ears are long gone. Today, everyone is wearing tassels, mismatched earrings, one earring on one ear only and several pairs of handmade gemstone earrings.  The multiple-earring look is currently the rage with women wearing both big and small earrings together to create that unique contrast.  To pull off this look, there are rules and they should be followed to achieve nothing short of an elegant look.

Choose The Ideal Gemstone

Gemstone earrings are actually the best because they stand out and help you project that beauty that you intend to achieve with your jewelry accessories.  As you choose your gemstone earrings, take a look at your skin tone, so that you can find gemstone earrings that will blend perfectly with the backdrop of your skin. All you need to do is hold the pair of gemstone earrings against your facial skin and if you love what you see, then go for them. If you have the money and aren’t sure about the ideal ones, consider seeking the opinion of an image consultant who is really great at telling you the gemstone colors that really bring out the beauty in you.

Get Bold And Mix Them Up

Mixing and matching offer variety and that is why you shouldn’t shy away from it. If you are wearing all earrings of the same color, it would be boring as uniformity might sometimes be. A good example is wearing lapis lazuli earrings that dangle followed by silver and amethyst studs; that is an awesome look right there.

Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Don’t Overdo It

You can have fun with your jewelry without overdoing it. Double and even triple piercings on the ears are great looking if you style them the right way. Some people might be tempted to add more because they want to pull off a certain look and also because they love their jewelry. Wearing earrings to cover the whole ear can be too much sometimes especially if all of them are dangle. If you have to do this, then ensure that only a single one is a dangle and the rest are studs. It could be a pair of dangling garnet earrings followed by studs of amethyst, lapis lazuli, citrine and so on. Just remember that more holes could be pretty but they could also go awfully wrong.

Garnet Earring

Seek Expert Opinion

If you desire more piercings in your ear, don’t just buy the ear shooting gun and do it yourself.  Remember that ear shapes vary a lot. There are some with bigger lobes while others have smaller ones which makes earring placements different from person to person. Earring placements that work for your friend might be all wrong for you. So go to a renowned beauty salon and let the experts place the multiple ear piercings for you.

The Ideal Finishing Touch

Jewelry remains the ideal finishing touch that distinguishes between an excellent and good overall appearance. Investing in a lovely pair of gemstone earrings is a long-term investment compared to investing in a pair of shoes or clothing. Investing in colorful gemstone earrings could be compared to investing in lovely pieces of wearable art that can be enjoyed in multiple lifetimes. So take a closer look at those earrings that you are buying and ensure that they can outlive you or that you can pass them down to the next generation in flawless condition.

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