The Talk About Gemstone Bracelets

Back in ancient times, people used gemstone jewelry to add decoration to their style, to display their wealth and communicate meaningful symbols. Not much has changed today because some people select their jewelry because based on its beauty or desire to emulate a certain celebrity and boost their social status.

People still wear jewelry as symbolic gemstones to communicate what is important to them.  For example, Gemstone Bracelets are still a great part of fashion and are the most widely used form of gemstone jewelry because they can communicate anything the wearer wants them to.

Choosing Your Gemstone Bracelet

Bold and chunky or sleek and delicate could be your style, but one thing you have to consider before style is the type of gemstone bead bracelets that will look great against the backdrop of your arm.

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

A Good Fit Is Not Always Perfect

Most people think that looking for a bracelet that matches the wrist size is simply looking for one that fits around the wrist. That is not all; you have to consider things like the width of the band, the size of the beads and any embellishments. Always choose a bracelet that will complement your appearance. Your bone structure will also play a huge role in determining the right gemstone bead bracelet for you.

Armed with such information, you will know whether to look for a bracelet that is wide or narrow, extravagant or simple, solid or delicate. For example, women with small wrists might want to add bold stacked gemstone beads instead of a single strand leather bracelet. This is because the former will make their smaller arms stand out more.

Knowing Your Wrist Size

Measuring your wrist size is simple!  All you need to do is wrap your index finger and thumb around the wrist on your other arm. If you can touch your forefinger and thumb together with extra space, then you are small boned.  If they just touch with no space then you are medium boned.  And if they don’t touch at all then you are large boned.

Do The Math 

After knowing your wrist size, it is now up to you to make your wrist look proportional to the rest of your frame. Consider choosing a bracelet size that will match your wrist size as one option. For example, get wide chunky bracelets for large well-padded wrists or small beaded bracelets for narrow bony wrists.

However, if you want to make your wrists look smaller or larger depending on their size, the secret is choosing a gemstone bracelet that is the opposite of your wrist size. Wear large bracelets for small wrists and small bracelets for large wrists. You could also choose a bracelet that neither highlights through contrast nor emphasizes through sameness. For example, you could go for medium sized bracelets that can fit all wrist sizes.

Never A Mere Accessory Again

As you go out there to buy women’s handmade gemstone bracelets, choose one that will be just right for you, now that you know how to make your wrists stand out in the manner that you want. Whether it is a rainbow moonstone bracelet or an antique moonstone bracelet or any other gemstone, don’t just buy it because it looks nice and will match with the dress back home.  Instead, your choice should arise from the single thought of how you are going to make that gemstone a true part of who you really are and not just another accessory.

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