Things You Shouldn’t Do While Wearing Your Gemstone Jewelry

Many gemstone jewelry owners have this notion that their jewelry pieces  are indestructible.  Truth be told, most of the precious and semi-precious stones used to make the jewelry are usually tough and don’t easily get destroyed. However, for that diamond or amethyst bracelet to look spectacular forever, treat it right and care for it.

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You can wear your gemstone jewelry the whole day, but there are a few activities that you should never indulge in when wearing your jewelry. Wearing your jewelry while doing these activities might result in giving your jewelry that worn-out and uncared for look.

Outlined below are those activities that you should never do when wearing your jewelry.

  1. Cooking

Jewelry doesn’t belong in the kitchen  and when you cook while wearing it, you risk long-term damage to it. The oils, fats, food, and heat can cause stains on the surface of the stones. The lovely beads of your peridot bracelet, for example, might lose their inner fire when exposed to elements in the kitchen and besides, you don’t want it accidentally landing into your hot food or into the fire. Therefore before you start cooking, remove all the jewelry you are wearing except for earrings which you could cover with a head cloth, but if you feel they will be safer when off, go ahead and remove them before entering the kitchen

  1. Swimming

It is okay to wear your jewelry if you are just walking or enjoying the shore breeze at the lake, oceanside or beside the pool. However, when it comes the time when you want to take a dip in the water, take off your gemstone jewelry beforehand. Remember swimming with your jewelry is risking losing it or the chlorine in the water, if you are swimming in a pool, could cause some clouding up  on the surface of your jewelry. Just imagine searching for your lost jewelry in the vast ocean waters. In a few minutes, it could be hundreds of miles away courtesy of the waves once it comes off.

  1. Exercising and Sports

Wearing your gemstone jewelry when exercising or doing physical sporting activities is not advisable.  The vigorous activity might chip, scratch or crack your jewelry causing it great damage. Also, the string that holds the gemstone beads might get cut and you could lose all the beads or if you are wearing jewelry with clasps and mountings, they might become undone too and you could end up losing your jewelry. There are many occasions during which you can wear your multi-gate bracelet or any other elegant piece of gemstone jewelry, but athletics is definitely not one of them.

Applying Makeup

Your gemstone jewelry should always be the last thing you put on before going out. Avoid applying makeup or any other beauty products when wearing your jewelry. Facial makeup hair products or body lotion should be done first before wearing the jewelry. All these products have chemicals in them that could erode the jewelry surface. Apply your makeup and other products first and then wait for around 15 minutes to let the jewelry-damaging substances to be absorbed in the body so that they don’t cause harm to the surface. You definitely don’t want your labradorite bracelet, for example, to look washed-out after a couple of months.


Though minimal, you still risk damaging your jewelry when you sleep in it. You also risk hurting yourself or your loved ones when you sleep in them. Take off your gemstone necklace especially to avoid accidentally strangling yourself. The earrings could also come off while sleeping and the pointy part might cause you or your loved ones injury.

Stick to wearing your jewelry when out socializing or when you are simply stepping out for whatever reason in style. The above activities should never be associated with your elegant gemstone jewelry.

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