Three Main Reasons Why Women Wear Gemstone Jewelry

When most fashionistas are getting ready for the day, most of them want to show the world that they appreciate the craftsmanship and the beauty of gemstone jewelry. Some of them would love to stay in the cultural lane especially if the occasion favors that while others would just love to incorporate gemstone jewelry into their modern outfits and achieve that elegant look.

Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Gone are the days when only clairvoyants and hippies were the only ones who had the insights and mystics of gem-wearing. Today many people not only wear gemstones for the mystic benefits, but they also wear them for the fashion reasons.

There are many good reasons why wearing gemstone jewelry when dressing up and accessorizing are important. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  1. Paying Homage To Culture

It is no secret that incorporating elements from another culture can be problematic when you get them wrong, but when you get them right, you are definitely paying homage to the culture you want to exhibit. Cultural appropriation same as globalization is not just inevitable but it is also a potentially positive thing. There is nothing wrong with borrowing ideas, styles, and traditions and incorporating them in a certain fashion look. That is the beauty of the modern multicultural society where you will see a Japanese woman or any other woman from the rest of the world wearing a kimono with lapis lazuli earrings as one of the accessories; or an African woman in a Kitenge dress wearing lovely carnelian earrings to match the outfit color.

  1. Paying Homage To Artistry and History

Wearing gemstone earrings, for example, will no doubt connect you to the past and to the artisan who crafted it to the finished product that you currently own, especially if it is handmade. Historically, gemstones have been widely used in most cultures around the world for various purposes, but mainly for ornamental purposes. Today gem-wearing is not specifically associated with any particular culture or religion which explains why women from all over the world are wearing gemstone jewelry. All you need to do is don a pair of beautiful garnet earrings along with the ideal outfit and you will be paying homage to artistry and history.

  1. They Speak Your Style

Gemstone jewelry will speak your style when you wear it. Make sure that you successfully achieve that effect you want that anyone setting eyes on you can see it as well. It is also jewelry that will last a lifetime. A beautiful gemstone necklace doesn’t come with an expiry date. So you will be rocking your style for the rest of your life and whenever you feel like telling the world, “there goes a fashionable woman!” you can go all out and wear a full gemstone jewelry set.

Whether you are paying homage to a culture, history, art or simply expressing yourself, wear your gemstone jewelry proudly and always makes sure it portrays the best look for you. Take your time as you choose your outfit and type of gemstone. As a fashion goddess or fashion lover, you cannot afford to get it wrong.

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