Tips For Making Fashion Decisions

Before you get dressed, you have to decide what you want the focus to be. In most cases when a simple or dull outfit is well accessorized with gemstone jewelry it can transform into something beautiful and special. This is why your choice of jewelry and clothing will always matter of course depending on what you want to b the focus. When you choose bold clothing in terms of color and design, the best accessorizing move would be going for subtle jewelry as highlights. On the other hand, when you choose bold jewelry, the best move would be a more toned down outfit in terms of simplicity. Therefore always make your decisions based on what you want to be the focus of attention.

Gemstone Jewelry

However, you can also make your decision by considering other factors.

What Is Your Jewelry’s Focal Point?

When you select your outfit and jewelry for an occasion, where do you want the eye to be directed? If you have decided to wear eye-catching jewelry then it is best to make the visual focus of anyone meeting you on the particular body area that you want to draw attention to. Is it the ears, neck, hands, belly and so on. If for example, you are wearing a Garnet bracelet and want it to be the focus, then you will have to go for subtle earrings and necklaces or avoid wearing them altogether so that the bracelet can get all the attention.

Extend Your Wardrobe Easily By Experimenting

Experimenting with different outfits and several pieces of jewelry from your collection is the best thing you can do to get lovely occasional. With different combinations of outfit and jewelry along with other accessories like bags, watches, scarves, you can always get several looks right. You will be surprised at what several outfit experiments combined with jewelry can do. Try all outfits with certain jewelry pieces, you will be surprised at how even the simplest outfit can look exquisite with a simple moonstone bracelet.

Don’t Have A Lot Of Jewelry?

The lack of jewelry shouldn’t deter you. There are beautiful semi-precious gemstones in the market that are quite affordable that you could take advantage of. Look closely at all jewelry types and buy variety; a Peridot bracelet, an Amethyst necklace, a Carnelian bracelet and so on. Consider all types of jewelry that will add more excitement and depth to your wardrobe.

Avoid Being A Victim Of Trends

Many women are fashion slaves and follow every trend that comes about. It is true trends are influential but they shouldn’t dictate your every outfit. Have your own style and don’t always slavishly follow fashion and put your own unique taste and personality in the backseat. Overdependence on trends is one way of losing yourself completely. Besides most trends are expensive while, on the other hand, maintaining your own unique style could be very affordable.

Dressing up should be fun with no pressure from trends. Your style should be exactly how you want to appear before the world. If what works for you is nothing similar to any fashion rules, take it, run with it and make it your own.

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