Ways to Look Glamorous with Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst gemstone jewelry is one of the best fashion accessories because it can transform even the drabbest outfit into something more interesting and add a little party spirit to formal attires. You can have a lot of fun with your amethyst Gemstone Jewelry and make a bold statement about your style.

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A few ways to look glamorous with amethyst gemstone jewelry are as follows:-

Accessorize For Your Occasion

Are you wearing your amethyst jewelry to work or to a formal occasion? Be a little conservative!  Instead of wearing the whole set, you can opt for the Amethyst Necklace only and forfeit the bracelet and anklet or simply wear only one piece that you deem will not be too distracting at work.  However, if you are attending a party, take glamour to a whole new level and adopt that fun, playful and more daring look with your amethyst jewelry. Pair it up with your sequin party dress and look all fiery and ready to go all the way. The best thing about amethyst jewelry is that you can wear it with almost every outfit in your wardrobe and you can wear it to most events including red carpet events because it is beautiful.

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Don’t Be Too Hell-bent On Matching

If you love matching this and that color and are always hell-bent on matching all your outfits with your jewelry, change your style when it comes to the amethyst. Look for outfits that compliment the purple amethyst color because your outfit doesn’t have to be purple. You can wear an all-white outfit and only match the jewelry with the bag or shoes if you have to. Instead of being too hell-bent on matching, broaden your perception and think of other complimentary colors that can blend well with your Amethyst Bracelet. You will be surprised at the many options available out there whose effect when paired with amethyst jewelry is absolutely stunning!

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Express Your Retro Side

The Amethyst stone has been in existence since ancient times and there are fashion trends from past decades that when emulated, can result in this amazing retro look. With fashionable jewelry such as the amethyst, you can craft a lovely 1960s or 1980s style. Think smocked sundresses, colorful gypsy skirts, skinny jeans and other famous vintage outfitswhen thinking of past fashionable outfits to pair your Amethyst Earring with. You can look gorgeous as you express your retro side with amethyst jewelry as one of your accessories.

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Brighten Your Outfits

See that collection of dark pants, brown tops, grey sweaters and plain white tees?  You can add a dash of purple Amethyst Anklet to brighten them. By doing so, you will be injecting that splash of color in outfits that would have otherwise been less interesting. You will be projecting style in your everyday look. With fashion trends always changing, you might be spoilt for choice on how to wear your trendy fashionable jewelry such as the amethyst. Think of wearing fashion jewelry as a creative endeavor and have an open mind when it comes to new styles and the many fashion possibilities. However, the above suggestions should steer you in the right direction as you make decisions on how to wear your amethyst jewelry.

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