Ways to Value Gemstone Jewelry That Has Been Passed Down Generations

Our current look whether flaming red hair, dark ebony skin, body shape and size, colored eyes or puckering lips and everything else are all a reflection of our ancestors. We are definitely walking embodiments of our family histories. However, some of us get luckier and manage to be in possession of heirloom jewelry. It could be anything from a labradorite necklace to a complete set of several precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Garnet Necklace

Gemstone jewelry that has been handed down from generation to generation is precious whether categorized in the precious or semi-precious category. It is honorable to care for something that has been part of your family for longer than your years on earth. It could be a moonstone necklace with matching earrings or any other piece of precious or semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Like with every honorable duty comes responsibility and here is how to cherish that special piece of gemstone jewelry that your great-great-and beyond great-grandmother wore.

Store it Safely

Store the pieces of heirloom jewelry in a safe box, preferably one lined with velvet or satin complete with compartments. One compartment should hold the amethyst necklace for example while the others hold the bracelets, earrings, and anklets if you were lucky to get the whole set passed down to you. You could also wrap them in a special cloth to prevent them from tarnish or scratches. Whenever you are not wearing them, place them in the box and put it them in a safe place. Your kids shouldn’t be playing around with your heirloom jewelry because you have left it lying around. Like your predecessors take care of it so that you too can pass it down  while it is still in great condition.

Clean and Polish The Right Way

Using toothpaste, bleach or any other abrasive substances and chemicals when cleaning is not advisable. Mild soap and warm water should be ideal for cleaning all the gemstones. Your ancient quartz necklace for example along with other pieces of heirloom jewelry should look amazing always with proper cleaning. You could have all the jewelry professionally polished because time can dull the precious shine of any beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry. A good jewelry expert can carefully polish your gemstone jewelry and help restore it to its original color and luster as is possible. Polishing can make all the difference and when you finally wear it, the words ancient and worn will never be used to describe it.

Record Its History

It is not only a wonderful piece of gemstone jewelry, but it is also physical proof of your family’s history.  Just reflect on all the ancestral contact the piece(s) of jewelry has had over the centuries. Check it out for inscriptions and find out how many generations it has been passed down from. Seek out the answers and keep a record of your own for the next heir complete with a photograph of the gemstone jewelry looking polished and at its best. Store this record in the box that holds it so that the next owner and the one following them can have a clear understanding of where the jewelry comes from. This way your successors will value it more and it will continue being passed down generations until the end of time.

In case your heirloom finds its way into the market, you will be satisfied to know that it fetched a great price thanks to the great history that you helped to preserve and record.


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