How to Wear Jewelry When You Are Going for The Minimalist Style

Adopting a minimalistic look when dressing up gives off the chic, slick and clean look but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Minimalistic fashion has nothing to do with wearing things that are basic and plain. Basic and plain outfits and accessories create this drab and boring look with no thought put into it as opposed to a fashionable minimalistic look. Use color where necessary, a dash of Lapis Lazuli Earrings, for example, which are rich in color together with a dark colored outfit.

Gemstone Jewelry

The minimalistic look is about letting the simple lines and a smaller number of colors create a great look. Gemstone jewelry accessories are also a great part of the minimalistic dressing. Other accessories such as belts, sunglasses, watches, and others can also play a great role in minimalistic dressing only when they are worn in a way that doesn’t make the outfit busy.

Further outlined are some tips for wearing jewelry with the goal of achieving a minimalistic feminine look.

Go For Simple Statement Pieces

There are simple statement pieces that will decorate your outfits without resulting to this fussy look. Most gemstone jewelry can achieve that. For example, if you are looking for jewelry that will go with your sharpest work outfits a pair of Rose Quartz Earrings will do. They will not only make you look great but they will soften the sharp look without looking busy and that minimalistic fashion at its best. Simple gemstone jewelry piece is enough to make you look spectacular without comprising the sharp and clean effect you are targeting.

A Single Statement Is Sufficient

The purpose of jewelry is to add a touch of style to your overall look and a single piece could be just what you need to transform your minimalistic outfit from dull to slick. However, wearing various matching pieces and drawing attention to various parts of your outfit will definitely ruin the clean minimalistic effect.

If you want to achieve that relaxed Boho style, then working with various pieces will do. For every outfit you put on, just add a single piece of statement gemstone jewelry which can be earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or an anklet. If you love watches then a watch, in this case, will count as your statement piece along with discrete simple gemstone earrings. They could be Citrine Earrings for example.

Steer Clear Of Clashes

Clashes in an outfit tend to mess your minimalistic lines and effects. The best thing to do in this case is to avoid any clash points. If for example, you are wearing a simple dress with one large print at the chest area, don’t add a colorful gemstone necklace on top of. If you also happen to carry a clutch bag that features a statement clasp, just ensure that you are not wearing a statement gemstone bracelet. Wearing two statement pieces will be anything but minimalistic because they will both be competing for attention.

Be careful to choose only the kind of jewelry style or color that will blend perfectly with your outfit to create that fabulous minimalistic look. If a Moonstone Necklace will do go for it but if on the other hand, you think Garnet earrings will do better then don’t look at any other piece. Go out there and rock your minimalistic look.

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