What Does Your Gemstone Necklace Say About You?

Gemstone jewelry allows you to have fun and experiment with various looks by changing your style to suit your mood or meet the ideal dress code for an occasion you are attending. Most outfits look better with a gemstone necklace addition.  Whether you love chockers, long ones or chest length, the type of gemstone you choose for your particular style will say a lot about you.

With diverse options to select from in the realm of gemstone jewelry, necklaces can make or break an outfit. Knowing what you want to portray before wearing that sash of gemstone beads as your necklace is very important because your choice of gemstone jewelry will communicate something about you to people who will meet you that day.  With the knowledge of what some of the stones portray, you can help your personality and great fashion taste to be apparent to the onlookers.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Further outlined below are four semi-precious gemstone necklaces and what they can say about you.

  1. The Peridot Necklace

This national gem of Egypt is truly beautiful in its green color. It is believed to help in boosting friendship and frees the mind of any envious thoughts. Wearers of the Peridot are thought to be positive people who are always happy and form lifetime friendships. Also striking a conversation with such people tends to be easy as they will likely welcome it. So if you see people trying to chat you up when you are wearing your Peridot necklace, do not be surprised but welcome their attention.

  1. The Carnelian Necklace

This gemstone is believed to possess many positive attributes and back in ancient Egypt, any carnelian jewelry was worn to eliminate anger, hatred, and jealousy. Today the carnelian is believed to help the shy and timid who speak in public do a better job.  It enables one to speak boldly and properly.  Wearers of this stone are believed to be promoters of peace and harmony and will hardly be depressed even when the situation in their lives turns dire. They are also known to be courageous, patient, creative and always motivated in every situation.


  1. The Amethyst Necklace

Also known as Amelie, this splendid-looking purple stone indeed makes a lovely necklace. Wearing it is associated with spirituality and the wearers of this stone are often known to be great dreamers with more utopian ideas which they love to focus on.  For amethyst wearers, the black and white reality of life doesn’t exist in their utopian world. Most of them love peace and tranquility; they are actually naturally peaceful souls who always work to achieve balance in everything.


  1. The Moonstone Necklace

This June birthstone has always been believed to be the lucky stone and often viewed as very important in Eastern cultures.  Wearers of the stone are known as charismatic and adaptable individuals. The moonstone reflects color when exposed to light, but it still remains beautiful. That is why the wearers of this stone will quickly adapt to any situation, but always remain true to themselves. They will always be great conversationalists and easily win people over.

A necklace stands out when worn with your outfit, so next time you go out shopping consider the gemstone necklace you decide to buy. Think of the kind of personality you will be projecting and if you believe in their mystical properties of gemstones then have that mystic quality in mind when you decide which gemstone necklace that you will wear for that certain event.

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